Julian Sinclair is a specialty distributor based at the southern end of the Willamette Valley in Eugene, Oregon.  We are first and foremost a small distributor for small producers; the local guys for a small, local territory. We live here, love it, and are here to stay. We pay attention to ALL of our producers. If it's in our book, we are passionate about it. We care about the stories behind our brands and care about families, farms, co-ops, and the hard work it took to get to that amazing beverage.

We know our producers personally. We invest and work with people who make great products.


Beer today is a whirlwind of action - people with true passion, in-it-to-get-rich types, fads, innovative ideas - but at the end of the day good beer is what matters most. We've seen breweries lose sight of the basics: high quality ingredients and defining a genuine house style. We look for breweries that 1) Aren't afraid to be themselves, 2) Embrace quality ingredients with provenance, And 3) Have a house style: that 'it' factor that says "I know who made this beer."


We are keen on producers that treat cider as the seasonal vintage product it deserves to be. Focused on large-format cider produced from fresh apples during harvest (no cold stored fruit, concentrate, or juice), fermented slowly and aged appropriately. Our passion for quality cider is a driving focus in our business and it shows. Our ciders are almost always dry.


We are passionate about high quality wine producers who go their own way. We work for small family owned and co-op grower wineries with limited production. Our mission is to find wines that have character. We also carefully select imports that match our ethos.